Eco design for your product ranges and your company's supply chain

How does it work?

Measure your products ranges impact

Analyze simultaneously the environmental, social and economic impacts of all your products ranges.

Identify areas of improvements

Thanks to its precise and granular analyses, Sapiologie helps you understand the origin of your products’ impacts and identify key solutions to remediate them.

Simulate the impacts of your future products

Simulate the impacts of a change in raw material, process, machine… And make better decisions to progress towards more sustainable production practices.

Why Cycler ?

Cycler integrates your existing enterprise management software

Integrate your production management data into Cycler in record time.

Collaborate with the actors of your value chain to maximise impact

Invite all actors in your value chain to join our intuitive web app for free, and make collaborative decisions that will lead to a larger impact.

Start collecting your nonfinancial data now

Anticipate regulatory European obligations on nonfinancial reporting.

An approach across the whole product range

Measure the impacts of the entire range of products and make decisions at your business level.

Soon ⏳

Soon available

• Indicator on the geopolitical risk of your supply chain.
• Indicator on the resilience of your business to global warming.
• Indicator on your products’ circularity.
• Indicator on your products’ repairability.

Our mission

sapiō \ˈsa.pi.oː\
Be wise, judge well, take advised decisions, show discernment, understand, be aware.

logie \ˈlɔ.ʒi\
Form names of sciences of departments of study.

Sapiologie \ˈsa.pi.oːlɔ.ʒi\
The science of awareness, knowledge and lucidity.

Sapiologie’s mission is to develop customised software enabling business decision makers to have a holistic vision on their environmental, social and economic impacts. This helps them make better decisions. We believe in a positive approach that helps businesses transition towards greener and fairer models.

Meet the team

The team is made of 7 passionate Sapiologists, experts in Life Cycle Analyses, Enterprise Resource Planning, and User Experience.

November 22, 2021

Le développement durable & les 3 analyses du cycle de vie

"Le développement durable est à la fois sociétal, environnemental, culturel et économique. Ces quatre dimensions sont indissociables. La durabilité fournit un modèle de réflexion sur l’avenir qui met en balance les considérations environnementales, sociétales et économiques...

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November 30, 2021

Social Life Cycle Assessment within the 3 pillars of sustainable development

3Ps - three-pillar approach of sustainable development: People, Planet, and Profit.The three analytical tools to assess these pillars are: S-LCA (People), E-LCA (Planet), and LCCA (Profit).The application of the three methodologies to assess sustainability performance leads to...

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